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March 16, 2014 - March 23, 2014
"Power for Living" Part 1 and 2
II Chronicles 16:9
John 14: 25-26
Luke 24: 49-53
Acts 1: 4-8
Power - Dunamis (of God)
            Exousia (Power of Choice)
Dunamis - miraculous - marvelous works
Too many believers worry often what the devil is doing
The enemy wants us to believe that he has more power and authority than he does.
We have dunamis Power because of what Christ has done to get us the Victory!
(Because of what was done for us we already have the Victory!)
It looked as thou Jesus was  defeated But he Rose from the Dead!
Today, It at times appears that the Church is defeated But Christ has already given us the Victory!
Requirements for the Holy Ghost Baptism:
1) Salvation -  Roman 10: 9-10
2)Live Holy
3)Seek God More
Strong Hold - Every pattern and cycle that;s not broken or that's constant!
Holy Ghost - Advocate (Dont stop at Salvation)
Don't let yourself get desperate before you're hungry! Want God!
Be hungry and thirsty for him!
Being filled with the Holy Ghost leads us into deeper knowledge of God!
4)Hear and eat the Word
5)Praise Him like you've lost your natural mind.
The Holy Ghost will fight against those things that work against you!
John 15:26
Truths primary objective is to expose the lie.  Satan is the father of lies - He can be so deceptive that when the Truth comes you may not know it! That's Not Good!
The Holy Ghost testifies of Jesus!
John 16:1-8 About the Spirit of Truth!
Act 2:1-4
How do I know Im filled with the Holy Ghost?
You will speak in a Heavenly Language
The Fruit of the Spirit will be present Evidence.



Genesis 32:24-28

Our Salvation is our own PERSONAL walk and relationship with Jesus.

Jacob had to be alone to wrestle within himself to find where he needed to be.

If you want more of God you have to fight and battle for a closer relationship.  Closer you get to the Light the hotter the Fire gets.

( if you were to reach out your hand to a light bulb that has been burning all day the closer your hand got to it the more heat you would feel)

We all have struggles and those struggles get worse at night!

Wrestling happens in the night season, the battle is in the night season!

Pain is the night season and God is pulling you out of Strongholds that you have in your life.  Sometimes we have to be broken to break those Strongholds.

The Devil will have us thinking that God has forsaken us, that he doesn't care for us because the Devil wants us to question "why me?" and dwell on those questions so that we MISS our Blessing the Lord has for us!

We need POWER for Living!

We can not make it one day on our own, we need God every day in everything we do!

And God gives us the choice if we are going to hold on and Seek more of him or if WE let go and go our own way.

Are you still going to Love God after the Pain?

Day is breaking and the Night Season is almost over!

John 16

Jesus lets us know ahead of time before the night season comes not to be offended but to LET GO and LET GOD!